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PLC Programs with Allen Bradley PLC and Batch Process Control
Introduction to PLC:

  • What Is Automation It’s Advantages In Process Industries

  • Introduction To PLC And Role Its Role In Automation

  • PLC Fundamentals - (Block diagram of PLC's)

  • Architecture of PLC, Memory Map and Adressing of Digital & Analog Modules

  • Introduction To The Field Devices Attached to PLC

  • Power Supply, CPU, I/Os, Communication Bus

  • Various Ranges Available In PLC’s And Wiring Of The I/O devices

PLC Programming Level-1 (AllenBradley PLC using RS Logix Programming Software):

  • Developing Different Programs For The Different Applications

  • Configuring I/O Modules

  • Connecting A Computer To A Communications Network

  • Creating & Modifying An RSLogix New Project

  • Transferring A Project File To A Logix1200 Controller

  • Creating Tags & Monitoring Data In An RSLogix 1200 Project

  • Forcing Of  The I/O’s. Managing RSLogix 1200 Project Files

  • Entering, Editing & Verifying Ladder Logic

  • Programming Basic And Advanced Instructions

  • Timer, Counter, Move And Analog Instructions

  • Programming Using Compare Instructions

PLC programming Level-2 Nexgen2000 PLC Using CoDeSys  Programming Software:

  • Introduction To PLC Messung, Nexgen2000 PLC (HW)

  • Introduction To CoDeSys Software

  • Memory Addressing Concepts, Digital And Analog Modules

  • Addressing Of Inputs, Outputs, Memory Bits And Analog Module

  • Creating Programs Using Instructions Timers, Counter, Move And ADD

  • Simulation Test And Forcing Of IO’s During Programming

  • Setting Up Communication Systems Between PLC And SCADA

  • Troubleshooting Of Hardware And Software,  Modification And Forcing Applications

SCADA Developing And Interfacing With PLC Using Ellipse Software:

  • Purpose And Application Of SCADA

  • Creating A SCADA Application

  • Creating Tags and Editing Graphic Display With Animation

  • Data Entry / Start Stop Command

  • Analog Entry Sizing, Movement, Blinking, Visibility, Filling

  • Communication Protocols With PLC

  • Methods Of Developing Programs For The SCADA

  • Communication Establishment Between PLC And SCADA

  • Checking The Program With Developed SCADA

VFD Configuration And Application

  • What is VFD And Its Application

  • Advantages And Applications And Programming Of The Drive Parameters

  • Practical Application By Connecting To External Motor

Automation Systems – Common Features

  • General Block Diagram

  • Definitions DCS / ESD / PLC / RTU / SCADA

  • Differences In DCS / ESD / PLC / RTU / SCADA

  • Applications Of DCS / ESD / PLC / RTU / SCADA

  • Automation System Architecture

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