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1.   What is the Training Schedule for the current Year?
     Please write a mail to training@avidus.in

2.   What are the timings of the Course?
     9:00 AM to 2:00 PM with appropriate breaks.

3.   Classes are offered for how many days in a week?
     Six days from Monday to Saturday

4.   Will there be a class on Sundays too?
     No, Sundays and Public Holidays there will be no classes.

5.  What is the duration of the Course?
     24 Working days

6.   Will a certificate be awarded after the successful completion of the course?
     Yes, Advanced Training Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of the course.

7.   Is the Training program recognized by any university or AICTE?
     The course offered at AEPL is Autonomous and is well respected in the Engineering, Construction
      and O&M areas of Industry around the globe, for its suitability with the Job requirements.

8.  Will Training Material be provided during the Course?
    Yes, High Quality student material shall be supplied at beginning of each course includes
    explanation, important standard cut sheets, important sample drawings and technical printouts.

9.   How many no. of Seats are available for the Training Program?
     Approx. 30 per batch.

10. How can I register for the course?
     To register for the course, please walk-in to our office at the address:

     Instrumentation & Automation Training
     H. NO. 12-2-823/A/1/7, First Floor, Behind Inguva Towers,
     Opp: Pillar# 21, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad – 500028, Telangana, India

     or contact:

     Mobile: +91 741 652 3200
     E-Mail: training@avidus.in   

11. What is the course Fee?
     Please write a mail to training@avidus.in   

12. Do I have to pay the course fee in advance before joining the course.
     No, You can pay the fee once the course starts.

13. Can I pay the fee In instalments?
     No, Guidance shall be provided at office.

14. Where exactly is AEPL located in Hyderabad.
     AEPL is located in the heart of the City at the following address:

     H. NO. 12-2-823/A/1/7, First Floor, Behind Inguva Towers,
     Opp: Pillar# 21, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad – 500028, Telangana, India

15. How far AEPL is located from the Airport, Railway Station & Bus Station.
     Airport – 24 kms
     Hyderabad (Nampally) Railway Station – 3km
     Secunderabad Railway Station – 8 kms
     Hyderabad (Imliban) Bus Station – 5 kms

16. Will AEPL arrange for pick up from airport or railway station?
     No, Guidance shall be provided.

17. What is the nearest landmark to AEPL?
      Inguva Tower, Opp: Pillar# 21, Mehdipatnam

18. Is Hostel Accommodation available for the trainees?
     Yes, third party hostel accommodation is available for the trainees.
     AEPL will only guide the students in this issue.

19. Is the course available in Correspondence Mode or Online Training?
     Currently the course is only available in regular classroom environment.

20. Do AEPL have any branches in other cities of India or around the World.
     No, AEPL is only based in Hyderabad, India.

21. For International Trainees what is the procedure for admission? Course Booking Form required?
     - Course Fee to be paid in Advance.
     - AEPL shall send an Invitation letter after the receipt of the Course fee to obtain a visa from the
Indian embassy.

22. Will Tea, Snacks or Lunch be served to the Trainees during the course.
     No, the participants shall bear their own expenses for tea, snacks and lunch.

23. Who’s training @ AEPL?
     People with a passion to train with real-time industrial and training experience. Having a collective
     experience of over 50 Years.

24. Does AEPL offer a week or two weeks training program in Instrumentation &Process Automation?
     Yes, for details click here

25. Is placement assured after the Training programme?
     AEPL provides 100% satisfaction guaranteed learning experience to its trainees; the courses  
     designed are very comprehensive and aligned with the industry job requirements.

     We provide the trainees with a comprehensive database of companies looking for I&C engineers
     throughout India, assist the trainees in preparing a professional resume, provide interview Q&A,
     provide comprehensive Mock interview.

     Guide them continuously for job placements.

26. What Courses does AEPL currently offer?
     Presently only Instrumentation & Control.

27.  What is the Minimum qualification to undergo the Instrumentation & Control Training?
      -  Engineering Degree or Diploma in Instrumentation/Electronics/Communication
      -  Masters or Bachelors in Science in Instrumentation/Electronics/Physics as a major
      -  Working Professionals in Industry
      -  Final year students of all above disciplines

28. How does this training helps non-Instrumentation Engineering personnel?
     Instrumentation is inter disciplinarian course. Control Systems Engineering/Automation, Data
Transmission and similar courses are part of modern Instrumentation. These courses are also  
     part of their Engineering Syllabus, It is added advantage for them to have this training and  
compete confidently for this challenging I&C Engineer jobs.

29. How does this training helps non-Instrumentation Science personnel?
     Instrumentation needs strong back ground of electronics and physics. Therefore Science persons
with this subject background and with this training shall have added advantage to compete for  
     suitable jobs in the industry.

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