Infinite Dreams Fulfilled

One of the flagship programs we offer is MBA along with PGDM Courses, Our PGDM courses constitutes 20 domain related program offerings. Some of the programs include NISM Certification/ Stock Trading program, a 100 hours course which will make students to learn and do Stock Trading, experts will incorporate all practical aspects and techniques which also includes coaching of NISM Certification. Students will be able to invest and earn during their studies. Other programs include Google Workspace, HR Analytics, Digital Marketing, Core Accounting. 

We offer industry integrated MBA program, when we say industry integrated it incorporates the critical employability skills which is needed for Management Students. One of the prominent factors is our 10+ years of experience in providing management excellence as our tagline “Gateway for Management Excellence”, our premium training quality plays a vital role in transforming naïve students to Management Professionals, Domain experts, Entrepreneurs. Our curriculum also is activity based wherein any students who comes in will go out with all hands on tools required. 

We have to levels of training to ensure all our student are equipped for the future work environment, The First Step would be is to engage them in Club Activities, we have 20 weeks of Club Activities like Digital Marketing, Technocrat, Enviro Clubs during the First Semester and Future Work Wizards, Budding Biz Club, Recreation Clubs during the Second Semester which allows student to work, learn, innovate and create many work related simulations and cross functional training, peer learning is inculcated during this activities. It is designed in such a way that any student who enters these clubs either become a leader or Intrapreneur during the process. Next step would be 3 months of Paid internship with Stipend upto 20000 per month. All the students enrolled for our MBA Full time program has to undergo internship with top MNC’s based on their domain specialization. Do you know that internship is completed arranged by us and students has to work with stipend? This will help them to gain to implement what they have learned in an actual work environment. 

One of the principles of AAM B School is offering Premium Training Quality as only training can the power to transform people so when we want to make someone competent training is the foremost tool. Our Training team consists of people who are domain experts and market leaders in their respective domains they are screened, handpicked by our in-house training department. We always believe a trainer should be someone who has acquired knowledge only but they should have applied and competent enough to coach others. So, all the professionals are from various industries with minimum experience of 15+ years’ experience thus ensure they only teach their experience and skills. 

We have many live projects and academic projects for our students during their MBA program, Live projects include learning from environment, peer learning, market coaching many such activities will be given for student right from day one to ensure they are aware of the environment and always ready to take up any challenge posed in front of them for the industry crisis, So these projects are credit based and rewarded to students based on the involvement and quality of the project. Academic projects includes domain based projects based on their choice of specialization, Academic projects help them to have interaction with various industry leaders and best market practices. 

Management programs offer a diverse career options for people, one of the very vital points is our program is designed as domain-based programs which can be customized according to any industry you would dream to work in, as a fresher when you enter the industry the career options is either a leadership role or implementor roles. As MBA graduate always has an edge towards becoming a leader, apart from this the career options would be Financial Analyst, Certified NISM Trader, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Payroll Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst, Operations Manager, Systems Analyst, there are various career options, Or if want to become an Entrepreneur we help you build your business from scratch through our incubation center.