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Specialisations in Management

At AAM Business School’s Two- Year Full Time Industry Integrated MBA Programme we offer a spectrum of specialisations. With a well-structured curriculum and wholesome education program, we are proud to be counted among the top MBA colleges in Chennai.

Human Resource Management

HR Professionals are a necessity in all public and private sector organizations and this specialisation has great value. The areas covered include recruitment, handling interviews, managing human resources, providing direction and guidance, training and development. This is popular among students pursuing MBA courses in Chennai.

Financial Management

Specialising in Finance opens up a world of exciting opportunities as organisations of every size need such professionals. This trains students in areas such as analysing company reports, corporate finance, financial risk management, managerial economics, market research, forecasting economic trends, picking investment portfolios and so much more.

Marketing Management

MBA in Marketing Management is one of the oldest disciplines amongst management programs. It’s ideal if your aptitude and interests lie in the world of entertainment, media, sales, advertisement, and general management. The areas taught cover sales, marketing, consumer trends, branding and marketing strategies, leadership skills, product management and market research.

Systems Management

Today, IT-related opportunities are huge and the demand is good especially in IT MNCs. Studies include a blend of technical and managerial skills. Areas covered include technology-related education besides management. Usually, students who pursue this come from computer or software engineering backgrounds.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Specialisation in this area brings opportunities and roles such as Supply Chain Manager, Operations
Manager, Quality Manager, Logistics Manager, Operations consultant and so on. The program is a
blend of two fields, logistics and supply chain management. It covers areas such as planning,
organising, and overseeing the process of production and manufacturing including manufacturing

Business Analytics

Business analytics is the cornerstone of informed decision-making in today’s competitive landscape. It empowers organizations to extract valuable insights from data, driving strategic initiatives and operational efficiencies. Job roles in this field include data analysts, business intelligence specialists, and data scientists, vital for navigating the complexities of modern business environments.

Digital  Marketing

Digital marketing leverages business analytics to optimize campaigns, enhance targeting, and maximize ROI. It enables businesses to track consumer behavior, measure campaign effectiveness, and adapt strategies in real-time. Key roles include digital marketing analysts, SEO specialists, and social media managers, essential for driving digital growth and market competitiveness.