Choosing Business School in Chennai for MBA

After the student has decided to do Master of Business Administration the next big question that confuses most of them is the choosing of Specialization in MBA. Many of them decide specialization based on the advice they receive from their friends and relatives rather than making self introspection on their own. It’s a very big mistake any MBA student is not supposed to do. You are the best person who can know your strengths and weakness rather than anyone else. For example if you are a person with more interpersonal skills and problem solver and good in handling people take that as a trait that you can handle the Human Resource Management  of a concern with further training.

If you are a kind of person who likes to meet more new people with more of convincing people and love to work with targets as well want a fatty package as well Marketing is a best choice. The moment Marketing is said as specialization people want to shun with a excuse that its more stressful. In contrary its not true.  The career growth as well potentiality is enormous when a person starts enjoying and does Marketing. The only department that brings revenue for organisation is Marketing and the person who learns about it can become a successful entrepreneur in Future which should be the actual goal of anyone completing MBA.


As well students with commerce background in their Undergraduation many of them wish to choose Finance as their specialization in MBA. With no doubt MBA in Finance is a good choice with better career growth. But the mistake the students normally does is confining themselves with the Accounting area. The companies which recruit students for accounting positions  do not differentiate between B.Com., M.Com and MBA students. So finally students choosing Accounting domain taking MBA Finance end up in salary package in par with UG students .As well most of these companies work on Night shifts thereby making a student difficult in kick starting his/her career. The best way to overcome this issue is Choosing to become an Investment Analyst while choosing MBA Finance as Specialisation. In AAM business School at Chennai we give special training from semester 1 of MBA along with PGDM programs, the basics of trading and further semesters we train them on that platform so that they land themselves in best packages on completion of MBA.

Students with Computer Science background prefer to choose system as their specialization and Students with Mechanical Engineering prefer more to choose Operation Management as their specialization. While the first three specialisations HR, Marketing and Finance are general and can be choosen by students with any undergraduation the next 2 specialisations Systems and Operations needs the Undergraduation in the same domain so that a student can get thorough and commanding knowledge in that specialization. Avidus Academy of Management offers special Psychometric Test to the MBA students before choosing their specialization.

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