Placements in MBA colleges and choosing the best college for MBA

People invest large sums to pursue management in the best MBA colleges to learn managerial skills in a simulated business ambiance to ultimately be placed in a good multinational corporation. Placement is one of the most essential criteria to take admission into a particular MBA college in Chennai.  After doing some research and depending upon the performance in the entrance examination, students take admission into only those institutes which are reputed for excellent placements and excellent industry interface.

A master of business administration degree opens up new vistas to business professionals to get jobs in almost all sectors. These include finance, marketing, sales, banking, IT, legal, management consulting and many more.

These say most companies look for an MBA graduate who has specialized in a specific field to take up the job. But still holding a degree in front of your name is not a sure shot way to get a high paying job as many aspirants enroll in PG management programs. Apart from these organizations also look at several other aspects of their prospective staff, as they have become aware of the fact that they must hire the right candidates to see their business rising.

In house placements


Many b schools in Chennai offer in house placements. Specific MBA colleges also have tie-ups with certain. There are others also which enable their aspirants to go in for pre- placements provide which means that the candidates might join an organization after the 3rd semester. In this process, the person is also allowed to take exams in the 4th semester.

The top business schools in Chennai which have an MBA career placement service organize MBA job fairs and maintain active links with the top business organization. This offers the students leverage and also the business school which provides such placement services become sought after. Carrying out such fairs and maintaining an association with companies is a job of the in – house placement cells of the business schools.

Choosing the best MBA college


With education being commercialized nowadays, we have many colleges, business schools, and institutes that are coming up with masters of business administration courses and various specialization to make the course as unique as possible so that there will be zero competition in the market. Everyone is making an effort to show up the pro points of their institutions in terms of overall experience, faculty, extracurricular activities, course structure, and design, etc. the one who gets puzzled here is the aspirants who are not sure on how to go when it comes to choosing the right masters of business administration college. Apart from the course, various other factors must be considered before choosing an MBA college.

Consider the below-mentioned factors to make sure that it’s the best suited for you.

Check the suitability

Different colleges have various ways to offer admission to the aspirants. Most of them go with competitive entrance exams such as CAT, GRE, and GMAT. Every college has a cut – off percentage when it comes to the score. Make a list of colleges that go with your rank.  So now by this process, you will have a limited number of b schools in your hands out of which you are about to choose your dream institute.



The first thing that you must remember when you are searching out for a master’s of business administration college in college credibility. You must be sure that you have to get into the best place as it is going to set standards for your career in the future. You need to go to the college that has a good reputation in society and has a positive review. The institute should have years of history that they can speak about. So, check the college ranking along with the institute establishment period.


The college standards can be known by the different boards they are accredited by.  Analyze and compare a bit to more on them.


You have to look out for a b school in Chennai which has an excellent team of faculty members. Usually, every college offers the details of the faculty members, their work experience and how long they have been with the business school on the college website. You must pay attention to all these details as professors are the ones at last who are going to teach you. We are sure you dint need any such faculty who is new and bot able to get the attention to the aspirants through their classes.



As mentioned, every college boost about themselves assuring hundred percent placements but are they offering is the query here. You need to have a reality check with the other existing college students and college pass outs to know how it works when it comes to college placements.

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