Why Chennai for MBA?

Chennai, located in the southern part of India is the capital of the state Tamil Nadu. It is the fourth largest metropolitan city of India with a population of 10,711,243.Chennai was rated as the safest city in India by the quality of living survey. It is also the educational hub of southern part of India. However, these are not the only reasons that make Chennai viable destination for pursuing an MBA there. The reasons why a lot of people choose the capital of Tamil Nadu to pursue an advanced program in management are-

1. Top-rated business schools
Chennai prides itself in its ability to home few of the best business schools of the country. They offer top-grade infrastructure, renowned faculty and an excellent academic curriculum.

2. Work prospects.
Chennai is a vibrant city bustling with growth and opportunities. An MBA graduate would not fall short of options while looking for a job. It has a large network of top-rated companies carrying out their operations in Chennai.

3. Safe and affordable
When compared with cities like Delhi and Mumbai, Chennai is a lot safer and affordable thanks to good transport system, affordable food and accommodation rates.

4. Wonderful destination.
The culture, beaches, pious temples, the nightlife, cuisine alone make it worth spending your two years there. The educational hub of southern India has a lot to offer when it comes to city life and activities to do. Chennai is a bustling city with vibrant people and culture which guarantees an amazing college life.

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