How Organic Farming is Nourished?

It is an agricultural system which is originated in 20th  century . It is originated from rapidly changing farming practices and it is  best in traditional farming techniques.

Father of organic farming was ALBERT HOWARD .  It is defined as “agricultural process that uses biological fertilizers and pest control acquired from animal and plant waste”. .  It is respect for the environment and preservation of natural resources.

Benefits of organically grown food items and agriculture process are Firstly Nutrition, organic food is much richer in nutrients and the nutritional value of food item is determined by its mineral and vitamin content. Organic food don’t contain chemicals , this is because of farmers don’t use chemical at any stage of the food growing process.  These foods keep dangerous diseases like cancer and diabetes at bay. Organic farming does not make use of poisonous chemicals , pesticides and weedicides . Majorly it helps for economical development , through exports to foreign countries. Organic products are very cheaper this means farmers don’t use high priced pesticides and insecticides, it will help farmers to run in profits .

There are 4 principles for Organic farming. They are

  1. Principle of Health: Organic agriculture must contribute to the health and well being of soil, plants, humans, animals and earth. It provides pollution and chemical free, nutritious food items for humans.
  2. Principle of Fairness : Organic farming provides good quality of life and helps in reducing poverty. Natural resources must be judiciously used and preserved for future generation.
  3. Principle of Ecological balance: Organic farming must be modeled on living ecological systems . Organic farming methods must for the ecological balances and cycles in nature
  4. Principle of Care: It should be practiced in a careful and responsible manner to benefit the present and future generation and the environment.

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