While an MBA is a big investment of time and money, studying for one also builds the skills you need to make it as an Entrepreneur..

Business writers such as Martin Hoffmann and Stephen Greer have questioned the value of a Master of Business administration (MBA) for aspiring entrepreneurs. The suggestion is that an MBA may not give you a large enough payoff in startup world. Entrepreneurs can effectively replace formal management training with rapid on-the-job-learning.

I believe that timing really determines whether you should invest in an MBA program. If you don’t have a genius, winning idea just yet, studying for MBA degree could be exactly what you need to create a platform for success.

You can learn “entrepreneurial” skills by doing MBA 

Are the skills you learn by doing an MBA relevant for entrepreneurship ? The answer is Yes. The main reason is that just about every skills to be an entrepreneur compared to being a regular business manager. Entrepreneurs need to wear a lot of hats. Typically you are managing a small, lease, evolving enterprise. Hiring a specialist for each task is something you may dream about but probably must hold off doing until revenue grows. The main reason is just about every skill you gain by doing MBA could be useful to you as an entrepreneur. Any entrepreneur worth his or salt needs to be across. You will learn how to make a business plan and how to survive in the unstable environment of a start-up through MBA. However an MBA program can teach you’ how to turn a good idea into a good business’.

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