There is no doubt that mobile devices have completely changed our lives. Mobile devices have changed the way and pace things are done, from ordinary, everyday processes like booking a cab or ordering food online, to the way how we work like how we communicate, and finally how we learn.

What is m-learning?

Mobile learning (m-learning) encapsulates the ability to progress through course content on one’s own personal device. m-learning introduces the power of anytime, anywhere, providing a plethora of benefits to its recipients. Multiple organisations have adopted m-learning, increasing user engagement and making for more knowledgeable employees.

As people familiar with the learning and development (L&D) industry would understand, the rise of mobile devices in this industry has led to a mobile revolution of sorts. With every corporate organization which was already using eLearning to train their employees, transitioning to mobile learning world right now. Join us as we discuss some reasons why. learning for employee development and training purposes. But why has mobile learning taken the learning and development industry by storm? And why is it a great opportunity for every corporate organization? We’ll discuss answers to both these questions in this article.

Whether it be professional training, personal development or in everyday life, the modern individual gets their information from their mobile devices. Due to corporate organizations’ increased understanding of the importance of ‘mobile’, their interest is piqued towards implementing m-learning, which for a number of reasons is the hippest trends

It Makes Learning Accessible And Flexible

Mobile learning offers ultimate accessibility and flexibility to learners. Learners can access M-Learning courses any time , anywhere via their mobile devices, meaning that they don’t have to necessarily take the courses during office hours. They can access and attempt the courses from their home, while commuting or even during breaks. One of the primary problems with eLearning was that it had to be taken during the office hours, a time when employees have various tasks scheduled, thus are constantly busy. The perfect way to eliminate that problem lies in the implementation of M-Learning.

It Is Just-In-Time Learning

Our technological age has undoubtedly made our work lives increasingly fast-paced. It has made every task, process and operation in corporate organizations quicker. As a result, while it has increased our productivity, it has also made our lives increasingly busy, due to the ability to complete greater volumes of work and the introduction of new tasks and responsibilities. A fast-paced work life requires a fast-paced learning method. Cue, M-Learning! This strategy is a perfect suit for this high-speed life as it can provide employees with just-in-time training. Short mobile learning courses, known as Microlearning , provide learning modules that are no longer than 5 minutes, which can be quickly accessed by employees to revise or learn a skill on the job, for instance, how to behave in a meeting, or how to answer a customer, instantaneously.

It Increases Completion Rates

Nobody has the time to sit through half-hour long eLearning courses anymore. Because M-Learning courses are bite-sized, they enable learners to complete courses quickly and move on to the next. This increases the completion rates of such courses as learners are not required to devote too much time everyday. Gamification elements, such as rewards, points and level progression can be added to Microlearning courses to motivate employees further to progress through and complete their training.

It Offers Higher Engagement

The modern individual is used to receiving information in short, focused chunks on their smartphones. Social media apps, like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, have made us habitual to receiving information in this particular way. Because short bursts of visually-appealing information engage us, M-Learning content is completely suitable when designed in a visually-appealing manner, with engaging interactivities.

It Offers Personalized Learning

M-Learning became popular since L&D professionals understood that they must adopt and execute a plan for a learner-centric approach to learning by offering learners freedom and accessibility. Personalized learning is another learner-centric approach, which fits well into M-Learning courses, simultaneously providing learning that is customized to each individual learner’s strengths, needs, skills and interests. This is achieved through learners’ unique learning paths that respond or adapt based on their progress, motivations and goals by the collection of accurate and relevant data.

The evolution of eLearning encompasses the transformation into M-Learning. It is time that corporate organizations adapt to this evolution by implementing M-Learning into their L&D programs. Lest they be left behind and go into oblivion. Trust us, it happens. Launching an M-Learning program may seem daunting at first, especially to those organizations which do not have any prior experience with an online learning program. However, there are a number of eLearning agencies that can help you set it up in your organization, such as ED App. Ed provides users with a microlearning LMS, along with access to an authoring tool and cloud-delivery system.

Educational technology and mobile learning

Educational technology and mobile learning go hand-in-hand and it is pivotal to learners’ success today, equipping them with all of the tools they need for the best learning experience possible. M-learning ensures we are able to learn wherever we are and whenever we wish.

This blog is authored by S.DHANSHA(DIGITAL MARKETING CLUB)

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