An Entrepreneur is an Individual Who Creates a New Business, bearing most of risks & enjoying rewards. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as innovator a source of new ideas, business.

There are some Entrepreneurs who have an Entrepreneurial DNA that allowed them to sharpen their business skills and become successful entrepreneur by birth.

Entrepreneurs are not born. Many People from Non-entrepreneur’s families start their own business and become Successful Entrepreneurs.  Dhirubhai Ambani the most enterprising business man who’s father is a school teacher. The main quality of entrepreneurship is Innovation. The famous Company Apple make its success by innovation. As well as know, apple will release his new product or innovation of its existing products every year, and the big success of Iphone, Ipad and Imac make Steve Jobs the most well – Known famous Entrepreneur. As well as with Microsoft. It releases its new products every year. We will update our system to new window. The popularity of the system proves the success of Microsoft, and makes Bill Gates the famous Entrepreneur. “People are not born Entrepreneur they become entrepreneur”.

Self -Motivation are the key success of an Entrepreneur. A person should have business focus, confidence, creative thinking, delegation, determination, relationship building and risk taking. If any person as these qualities they can become a successful entrepreneur.

It is only that handful of people who can dare to dream big & make it, become Successful Entrepreneur.

This blog is authored by Anbu Kumar – Digital Marketing Club

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