If an MBA is your long-term goal, it is necessary to identify the right work experience. Nevertheless, working for a less well-known company isn’t valuable; all experience will strengthen an MBA aspirant. Work experience is a key differentiating factor in MBA application. Candidates with strong work experience demonstrate the understanding of the corporate world and ability to cope with different work environments. Prior experience enhances skills like initiative, responsibility and resourcefulness. It transfers a learner to a contributor. It also helps you to take part in the process of networking which is crucial to the MBA experience. A pre-MBA career can help you to determine your interests and goals, you can therefore identify the track to pursue to get the career you want. Gaining experiences in multiple industries will boost your career before joining the program, you will constitute a crucial node in your classmates’ network. Candidates without experimental learning will find it harder than their experienced peers to retain information; learning relies only on practical exposure or doing it.  In addition to this, instead of needing to pursue a graduate development program after graduating from a pre-experience program, a graduate with previous experience often ranks higher than those on grad schemes. Work experience will help a candidate to build a personal brand. So, now you could see the value of work experience can make all the difference to your MBA.

This blog is authored by Pavithra Prabakaran- Enviro Club

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