‘Be yourself, just be yourself’ we see this a lot and many people say this phrase. But how to be yourself is not always clear and not always easy. And some don’t even like themselves, so they are not sure whether they want to be themselves.

Change are sometimes needed to be done in order to  bring out the better version of yourself. A change can be a behavioural or a physical change but what requires is, you being the same person from inside.

When you think yourself as a thoughtful leader and yet you don’t act as one for the sake of your people, community or society but one day you decide to act on your own will, even that change of trying to act as per your interests or thoughts of being a leader is all about being yourself.

We know its going to be hard to make a change, and we think its easier not to change. But there may be a time when you look at yourself and say that it’s time to be true to our self and others.

There will be a time where its actually easier to make a change, than to have the things stay the same.

So, sometimes we need to change ourselves to be ourselves.

 This blog is authored by Sreenidhi- Technocrat Club

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