Most of us assume that we are actually in control of our brain but it is not. We are not using the full capabilities instead we are in autopilot mode. Actually you can take control of your brain by knowing the patterns and preference of them and significantly expand them.

The brains are designed as lazy organ. It will be organized when it comes to learning patterns and becomes energy and efficient, if not it will be in the autopilot mode.

You can have control of your brain through:

  1. Slow thinking, think slowly about everything that will make your brain activate and work more effective.
  2. Awareness about the context, having known about the context it will be easy to think slowly.
  3. Reversal of assumption, reversing the assumption and searching for other alternative makes your brain work effectively.
  4. Knowing about the 4 major things Pay off, Process, People, Perspectives. Think what is really important to get into pay off mode. How I am going to do the process and who I am going to involve in the process (i.e.) people and looking for the alternatives.

While doing this 66% of our works becomes effective. Even if you not able to do this you can try to connect the blind spots which you left.

This might help you to have control of your brain.

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