10 Best Job Opportunities for MBA Human Resource Management Graduates


MBA or Masters of Business Administration is a highly valued degree to develop business skills and leadership qualities. During your MBA course, you learn practical skills and theoretical knowledge to help the industry grow.

Management in Business Administration provides specialization in different fields like Marketing, Human Resource, IT, Operations, Finance, Health care, and much more.

It is one of the most popular courses among companies, consultancies, and business organizations. If you are doing an MBA, then choosing HR is the best career option after MBA.

Human resource managers are trained to deal with talent acquisitions and employ the company’s best and skilled workforce. In business schools, they learn about strategic management, human resource development,  legal aspects of management, and all the skills they need to hire and train workers.

If you want to start a career in the HR field, you are at the right place. Here in this post, we have mentioned everything you need to know about the professional MBA HR program.

Role of a Human Resource Manager

 An HR is responsible for hiring employees, looking after their perks, compensation, salary settlement, training, maintaining employee performance, and ensures that everything is going according to the company policies.

Skills required to become a successful human resource manager

 The main aim of Human Resource Management is to build good relations with the clients, vendors, and employees, recruit new people into the company, and contribute to its success. Here are some of the skills required for a human resource professional:

  1. Communication skills.
  2. Supervise the work.
  3. Skills to plan and execute programs for the growth of the company.
  4. Decision-making in favor of the company.
  5. Leadership skills and the ability to guide the employees on the right path.

If you have these skills mentioned above, then you can start your career in HR. There are many career opportunities for you if you are planning to specialize in Human Resource Management.

To make your work easier, we have listed a few job options available for MBA HR graduates in India.

So let us get started.

Career Opportunities after MBA in Human Resource

 There are many career options for HR graduates who are highly paid in different sectors like government, private, banking, educational, MNCs, research, consultancies, and much more. These graduates are offered their pay based on the qualification, location, inputs you bring into the company, company’s profit, and your work experience.

MBA in HR- Job Profiles

Human resource managers are the link between employers and employees. They provide training, incentives, and compensations to all the employees. They are also trained to supervise all the works they do.

The various job profiles available for students with MBA HR are given below.

  1. Human Resource Manager

 Human resource managers help the employees by interacting with them and solving their queries. They influence each other.

2. Human Resource Generalist

 Human Resource Generalist is the most basic job offered to the MBA HR graduates and are trained to handle multiple tasks at a time. Their job is to recruit people in the organization. They receive job applications, analyze resumes, look after all the recruitment works, payroll, attendance, training, and development activities and encourage them to grow in the organization. In simple words, they work together to fulfill the basic needs of the employee.

3. Staffing Director

 The staffing director takes all the important decisions in the companies. They are also responsible for forming the employment, promotional, and training policies for the smooth working of the organization.

4. Technical Recruiter

 The main job of a technical recruiter is to test the candidate’s technical skills and choosing the one that suits the company. If you have knowledge of software and HR and are looking for a job in the banking and IT sectors, then Technical Recruiter is the right job.

5. Executive Recruiter

If you have the best communication skills and can maintain a good relationship with your employees, you can work as an Executive Recruiter. The primary role of the Executive Recruiter is to employ the CEO and Vice President. They do extensive research and contact the potential people to fill the positive for C-level executives.

6. Compensation Manager

 The compensation manager’s main role is to determine the employees’ salary based on their knowledge, skills, and experience. They take care of the finances of the company. They also decide the incentives for the employees.

7. Employees Relations Manager

Employee Relations Manager listens to the employee’s complaints and grievances and act as a link between the employees and the employees. These managers also work together to solve the disputes between the employer and the employees.

8. Human Resource Consultant

Human Resource Consultants are  responsible for the employee incentives, rewards, employee motivation, retirement plans, and outsourcing works. They work with high-level management and achieve big goals.

9. Employee Education Consultant

Employee Education Consultant’s job is the same as the training and development manager. They conduct workshops, classes, and conferences to help employees improve and get exposure to the latest trends in the market. This job is for those who want to teach their students independently.

10. Human Resource Entrepreneur

 A Human Resource Entrepreneur can build placement agencies, consultancy firms, and employer organizations. They assist companies who want to outsource their HR department. They set up a consultancy firm, find clients, and do all the HR activities to make them a successful organization.

Final Thoughts

Having an HR department is very important for an organization, big or small. So if you are confused about the opportunities, do not worry. The HR field is huge, and there is a need for one in every come. So you can grow and build your career in the HR field, this is the right time.

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